Welcome to Python Machine website !

What is Python Machine ?

Python Machine is a Python/Pygtk development environment (IDE). It aims at providing a user-friendly environment, allowing to develop Pygtk applications very quickly.

Python Machine is distributed under the GNU/GPL license.


Contributing to Python Machine

There are several ways anyone can contribute to the Python Machine project :

  • Contributing to the development
  • Writing documentation
  • Participating in translations (Python Machine is currently available in English and French only)
  • Helping to maintain the website
  • Giving feedback, reporting bugs and any comments you could have (positive or negative)

If you want to contribute, please contact the webmaster (see "Contact us" page).


pythonmachine 0.28.6b released

pythonmachine 0.28.6b has been released.

Here is a list of files available for download :

Updated documentation.

pythonmachine 0.28.1 released

pythonmachine 0.28.1 has been released.

Here is a list of files available for download :

This is the first release updated to work under Ubuntu 10.04. The gtksourceview library has been replaced by gtksourceview2, since gtksourceview is no longer supported under Ubuntu 10.04.

As it has been done quite in a hurry, some bugs might remain, so please report any bug you might encounter. Any suggestions are also very welcome.